Solaris Technology

Solaris Technology produces world-beating coatings suited to blocking IR and UV light incident on glass surfaces. Adapted for buildings and automobiles, this versatile coating reduces the need

Solaris Technology has uncovered the science of reducing solar heat gain, through blocking infrared and radiation damage, through blocking ultra violet light while still giving amazing visible light transmission.

Our liquid polymer + nanoparticle technology is easily applied with a cost efficient, single step process. QA-UK is central to this enterprise, working alongside the founder, Dr Jon Hibbard, with leadership roles in the science, certification and commercialisation processes.

Key Features & Benefits:

Reduction in energy costs

20-40% reduction in energy costs

Blocks UV

Blocks 99.2% of UV – Protecting people and interiors


Vastly cheaper than film (-50%+)

Blocks heat

Blocks heat while maximizing visible light