Solar Vortex Tower

The Solar Vortex Tower (SVT) is an innovative approach to producing vast amounts of water, electricity, capturing atmospheric CO2 and has other potential revenue streams.

The first Solar Updraft Tower was successfully built and tested in 1982 by Schlaich and Bergermann in Manzanares El Real, Spain. Funded by the German government, it performed within 1% of the theorised energy output.

Our design for the SVT leverages the same physics and is therefore also made up of a large greenhouse/collector region where air is first heated.

We propose to further direct the accelerated air through a series of aerodynamic swirl vanes, which would spin the air as it travels up the system, leading to a cooling effect in the centre of the flow.

This allows for water in the air to condense and be extracted without requiring a further external input of energy.

Key Features & Benefits:

Clean Water Production

Reliance on condensation removes the need for carbon-intensive processes e.g. desalination to produce water.

Consistent Turbine-Driven Energy

Thermal energy gained in the greenhouse by the fluid is converted to electrical energy via turbines near the base of the tower.

Scalable CO2 Direct Air Capture

Alongside our carbon offset by providing green resources, we have included active carbon sequestration into our SVT designs.

UN Sustainability Goals

The SVT principles align with the main UN sustainability goals covering positive environmental, societal and governance change.