About Us
We’re a group researching technologies to take action against climate change & carbon usage.

QA-UK Ltd. is an IP holding and development company for revolutionary technologies. Created by Dr. John Hassard - an esteemed scientist and researcher in the High Energy Physics group at Imperial College London - QA-UK Ltd. is committed to putting the brightest minds to work tackling some of the biggest issues of our time such as the climate crisis.

At QA-UK, we hope to pave the way to a greener, more prosperous future. We aim to produce reliable green power extract CO2 from the atmosphere and offer a carbon neutral method to desalinate seawater granting communities around the world access to clean water. Our primary projects: the Solar Vortex Tower and the Quantum Black Butterfly provide the facilities for this.

Our Focus

Academic research to improve our understanding
Scientific Research
Based primarily on new technologies and scientific research, we constantly evaluate and improve on current designs.
Construction to bring our ideas into reality
Our projects are tailored towards reducing reliance on hydrocarbons and providing more efficient clean energy.
Patents & Trademarks to protect our ideas
IP Generation & Protection
Our excellent legal partners guarantee that our work is protected.
Prepare for the future
Discover a more sustainable world.
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