About us

We are a research driven startup founded at Imperial College London, developing research into disruptive new technologies to combat climate change.

Who we are

Our multi-disciplinary R&D team covers a variety of science and engineering areas including physics, artificial intelligence, aeronautics, and biotechnology.

What we do

Our projects focus on sustainable and renewable technologies. Through experimentation, complex simulations & iterative design we aim to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of our technologies.

Our mission

We aim to combat hydrocarbon reliance using novel technologies to limit the CO2 released into the atmosphere. Our ultimate aim is to actively remove CO2 via Direct Air Capture to reduce and mitigate against climate change.

QA-UK Ltd. is an IP holding and development company for disruptive new green technologies. Created by Dr. John Hassard (a scientist and researcher in the High Energy Physics Group and co-Founder of the ISST at Imperial College London) QA-UK Ltd. is committed to putting the brightest minds to work tackling the biggest issues of our time such as the climate crisis.

At QA-UK, we hope to pave the way to a greener, more prosperous future. We aim to produce reliable green power, extract CO2 from the atmosphere and offer a carbon negative method to desalinate seawater granting communities around the world access to clean water.

Our primary projects: the Solar Vortex Tower and the Quantum Black Butterfly aim to make green energy and water more readily accessible than ever before.

QA-UK personnel also teach the highly successful ‘Entrepreneurship for Physicists' class at Imperial College, recognising that while research is integral to the success of our mission, change is most rapidly achieved through collaboration.



John Hassard - Founder & CEO
John Hassard
Founder & CEO

John Hassard is a Reader in Physics with particular interest in heavy quark decays. He has branched out to energy issues and worked on technologies and policies governing nuclear power and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Oleg Gnatyk - CTO (Chief technology officer)
Oleg Gnatyk
CTO (Chief technology officer)

Oleg has been Chief Engineer for QA-UK projects since its inception - from analytics to setting up laboratories in Qatar. Building upon his experience from The Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Oleg oversees construction & engineering solutions.

Senior Advisors

Prof Keith Barnham - Emeritus Professor of Physics
Prof Keith Barnham
Emeritus Professor of Physics

Prof Jenny Nelson - Professor of Physics
Bilal Taha
MENA Strategic Advisor