Helping Create
a Sustainable World

Q-Analytica develops disruptive new green technologies to phase out fossil fuels and combat climate change. Fossil fuel usage accounts for >65% of greenhouse gas annually exacerbating the existing climate crisis.

What We do

What we do

Our projects are focused on sustainable and renewable technologies.

Through experimentation, complex simulations & iterative design we prove feasibility and improve efficiencies of our technologies.

Scientific Research

Based on new technologies and cutting-edge scientific research, we evaluate and improve on current designs.


Our projects are tailored towards reducing and ultimately removing the reliance on hydrocarbons by providing more efficient clean energy.

IP Generation & Protection

Given the novel concepts and technologies we develop, we maintain excellent legal partners that guarantee our work is protected.

Our Technologies

Solar Vortex Tower

The Solar Vortex Tower is an innovatory clean approach to producing water, electricity & capturing atmospheric CO2. The idea can be extended to include biofuels and other established concepts.

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Solaris Technology

Solaris Technology produces world-class coatings to block incident IR and UV light on glass surfaces. This technology is designed for buildings but is suitable for a variety of applications.

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Quantum Black Butterfly

The Quantum Black Butterfly is an innovative plastic-based photovoltaic system with significant advantages - including double the conversion efficiency - over conventional silicon and GaAs PVs.

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QA-UK has developed a wide range of analytical tools for measuring the properties and quality of air, water and oil in real time.

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